$500,000 jury verdict against an orthopedic surgeon

$500,000 jury verdict against an orthopedic surgeon for improperly repairing a wrist fracture.  Carrie Taylor vs. Dr. Steven Potaczek.  Carrie Taylor, a veterinarian in Pekin, Illinois, suffered a distal radius wrist fracture.  Dr. Potaczek attempted to repair the fracture with K-wires and putty.  Over the next year, Carrie’s wrist fracture did not heal so she sought a second opinion from an orthopedic group in Peoria who informed her that a plate and screws rather than K-wires and putty should have been used to treat her fracture.  The Peoria surgeons performed a revision surgery and testified that as a result of Dr. Potaczek’s negligence, Carrie was likely to require a wrist fusion during her lifetime.  The Defense offered $150,000 to settle the case prior to trial and offered $250,000 while the jury was deliberating which was then withdrawn prior to the verdict being rendered.

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