$1.4 million jury verdict against a family practice physician

$1.4 million jury verdict against a family practice physician for failing to diagnose and treat a fungal infection resulting in the death of a Monmouth, Illinois postal worker.  Estate of Deborah Peoples v. Dr. Won Lee.  Deborah Peoples, a 40-year-old mother of two children, started experiencing severe headaches over a period of two months.  During repeated office visits with Dr. Lee, he continued to diagnose her with a sinus infection and prescribe antibiotics despite multiple x-rays showing that her sinuses were clear.  In addition, Dr. Lee never referred Deborah to a specialist or admitted her to the hospital for a work-up of her severe headaches.  Eventually Deborah was found wandering the streets and 911 was called, and she was taken to the emergency room.  Within 24 hours of being admitted, a neurologist examined Deborah, ordered various tests, and diagnosed her with fungal meningitis.  Unfortunately, Deborah passed away as the first dose of medicine was about to be administered.  No offer to settle the case was ever made on behalf of Dr. Lee, and this is the largest reported jury verdict in Warren County.

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