$1.5 million jury verdict against a cardiologist

$1.5 million jury verdict against a cardiologist for failing to timely stop anticoagulation medication resulting in the death of an 80-year-old man from internal bleeding.  Estate of Merl Bray v. Bromenn Hospital. Merl Bray went to a hospital’s emergency room complaining of chest pain.  He was placed on a blood thinner while being worked up for the possibility of a heart attack. After the heart attack was ruled out, Mr. Bray was diagnosed with gallstones; however, his cardiologist failed to stop the blood thinner medication which led to internal bleeding and his death.  During the trial, the cardiologist claimed that he could not access Mr. Bray’s medical record showing that he was still on blood thinners because it was a 15-minute walk from his office to the hospital.  However, prior to trial, the Plaintiff’s lawyers timed the walk, and it only took 5 minutes.  The Defendant cardiologist admitted this fact on cross-examination.  Following the jury’s verdict in favor of the Plaintiff, one juror who worked at the hospital reportedly confirmed to her fellow jurors that Plaintiffs lawyers were telling the truth saying “the Defendant took the long way.” The $1.5 million verdict was a McLean County record for a wrongful death case.

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